Incredible and Timeless Wisdom to Get You Motivated

From 1963 to 1986, Merv Griffin had over 5,000 fascinating guests appear on his show. Isn’t that incredible when you think about it? So much was shared on the show. Not just actors promoting movies or musical performers showcasing their talents, but also some of the most highly regarded public figures in U.S. history.

Activists, artists, political figures, and many others shared stories and wisdom with Merv over the years, and we have many of these interviews showcased for everyone to enjoy over on your YouTube channel (you can subscribe here). We’ve also got an amazing box 12-DVD set featuring a special collection of the greatest episodes of The Merv Griffin Show with over 200 of the best interviews (find it here).

Below are just three examples of the inspiring, wisdom-packed interviews (we consider them all treasures). They’re great motivation and food for thought. For more great interviews, be sure to check out all the wonderful music, talk, and comedy we’ve got for you on our YouTube channel. Watch and enjoy!


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