What do Adam West and Ray Bradbury Have in Common with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner?

What do Adam West and Ray Bradbury have in common with Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner?  They all appeared on The Merv Griffin Show!  In honor of Comic-Con International happening this week in San Diego, here are those three classic (and fascinating!) interviews for fans to enjoy.

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Adam West and Burt Ward talk about the “Bat Craze” in 1966:


Ray Bradbury talks about UFO’s and Close Encounters of the Third Kind with Merv in 1978 in a rare TV appearance:


Leonard Nimoy and William Shatner talk Star Trek in 1982:

Three Can’t Miss Classic Comedy Performances

Over the years, many talented performers in comedy appeared on The Merv Griffin Show, and dozens of these appearances have now turned into treasures to be shared and enjoyed. Many of the most famous comics who appeared on the show were new at the time, and the show was a great platform to share their talent. From 1963 through 1986, over 5000 guests appeared on The Merv Griffin Show.

Here on the blog, we’ll be regularly featuring some of the most memorable guests who appeared on the show.

This month, we feature a 1984 stand-up performance by Bill Maher (poking fun at the politics of the day), Steve Martin himself appearing with Merv in 1979, and an early performance by Jerry Seinfeld from 1981.  We encourage you to share and enjoy these classic appearances, and leave comments to tell us what you think.

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Cultural Icons – Three Can’t Miss Classic Interviews

Over the years, many beloved cultural icons appeared on The Merv Griffin Show, and these interviews have now turned into treasures to be shared and enjoyed. Merv had the honor of interviewing some of the world’s most recognized figures in entertainment, world affairs, the arts, business, and music. From 1963 through 1986, over 5000 guests appeared on The Merv Griffin Show.

Here on the blog, we’ll be regularly featuring some of the most memorable interviews with these trail-blazers and change-makers.

This month, we feature a 1984 interview with Apple’s Steve Wozniak, the great surrealistic painter Salvador Dali appearing with Merv in 1965, and the first couple of pop art in 1965, Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick (in a rare national television appearance).

We encourage you to share and enjoy these interviews, and leave comments to tell us what you think.  For more interviews and fantastic show clips, subscribe to us on YouTube here.



3 Incredible Interviews to Honor Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month, and we couldn’t think of a better way to honor it then to celebrate some of the incredible, inspiring women that Merv had the privilege of interviewing over the years. Below are three wonderful interviews with Maya Angelou, Arianna Huffington, and Rosa Parks we know you’ll enjoy.

For more on Women’s History Month, visit the website hosted by the Library of Congress here.






The Story Behind the Street – Merv Griffin Way

Merv Griffin WayAnyone who has ever driven through Beverly Hills may recognize the iconic street sign for Merv Griffin Way, right near the famous Beverly Hilton.

In this new video, Merv’s son Tony Griffin shares the story behind the street, and his memories from the day the street was named.

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Recently Discovered Master Tape of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1967 Interview with Merv Griffin

Here is an expanded and recently transferred version of Merv Griffin’s 1967 interview with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on The Merv Griffin Show. We recently discovered the lost master tape of this show and we’ve had it newly transferred. In this segment Dr. King shares with Merv his take on the then-current state of the Civil Rights movement in America.

This is stunning quality compared to what we had earlier and we’re thrilled to have found the original master and that this important piece of American history is now preserved in pristine condition.

Merv Griffin had over 5000 guests appear on his show from 1963-1986.  A new box set of many of the most incredible interviews is available here.

The Story Behind the Custom Chair Given to Merv Griffin by John Wayne

In this new video, Merv Griffin‘s son Tony Griffin shares story behind the fantastic custom tooled-leather director’s chair given to Merv by his dear friend John Wayne. There’s also some clips of the Duke on the Merv Griffin Show back in the 60s.  This video is part of a new web series featuring Tony sharing wonderful memories and stories about his dad.  Enjoy!

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