Happy Birthday Merv – Five Fun Facts

Happy birthday Merv Griffin! Merv was born on July 6th, 1925. In celebration, we thought we would post five fun facts about his life and accomplishments that you may not have heard about.

  1. Merv had a passion for singing and got his start as a singer on the radio at the young age of 19.
  2. His 1950 hit song “I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” sold 3 million copies!
  3. After appearing in a few films, Merv developed a liking for television and made his first appearance in 1954 on a show called “Summer Holiday.” 
  4. The Merv Griffin Show was on for 21 years and showcased many of the biggest stars and luminaries in entertainment, art, music, and politics. Over the years the show received 11 Emmy Awards. 
  5. Merv wrote the famous “Think Music” for his gameshow Jeopardy in just 90 seconds! Hear Merv’s son Tony Griffin share the story about the creation of this famous song in this fun short video we’ve posted below. Thanks for stopping by our blog to help us celebrate this special day! 


Wisdom and Straight Talk from Merv via Esquire Magazine

In one of his last interviews (originally running in September of 2006, less than a year before his passing), Merv shared some witty and real thoughts with Esquire Magazine.

A few of his most well-loved quotes come from this very article including, “I know that when I get bored, no matter what I do on television, they’re gonna get bored.”

Have a read and get to know a few things about Merv you may not have heard before – including that he was a fan of American Idol (we suspect he’d be happy about the upcoming reboot on ABC). 

Click here to read the Esquire interview.

Which Comedian from The Merv Griffin Show are You?

Ready for a little fun? Our friends at getTV have created a quiz where you can find out which comedian from The Merv Griffin Show you are most like! 

You can take the quiz here.

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Wishing everyone a wonderful spring!

Classic Interviews with 3 Academy Award Winning Icons

This weekend marks the 89th annual Academy Awards in Hollywood celebrating outstanding achievements in the motion picture industry. Merv interviewed many Academy Award winners throughout his years as a TV host, so we thought we’d share three classics here for you to enjoy.

The legendary Bette Davis talks with Merv about her Academy-Award-winning role in Jezebel, and her director on that film, William Wyler.

And, a rare early interview with the legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola. He talks about his films, his studio, his vineyard home, actors, George Lucas and his then-current movie Apocalypse Now.

Finally, Robert DeNiro chats with Merv about his Academy Award winning performance in Raging Bull.

Enjoy and we’re sending best wishes to all of the nominees at this weekend’s celebration!

You can find these interviews and many more greats in the official Box Set collection.



Goodbye to Mary Tyler Moore

Mary Tyler Moore

This week we pay tribute to the legendary Mary Tyler Moore, a wonderful woman who brought smiles to so many throughout her incredible career.

Mary appeared on The Merv Griffin Show with the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, at the height of the Transcendental Meditation movement in 1975 (photo above).

Trivia: The famous Mary Tyler Moore episode, “Chuckles Bites the Dust,” was penned by David Lloyd, one of three young writers of The Merv Griffin Show in 1962. The other writers were a couple of guys named Dick Cavett and Pat McCormick.

Mary will be Tremendously missed. 

Preview the Merv Griffin Show Box Set

Merv_3D-2-smallHappy Holidays Everyone! With the search for the perfect holiday gifts in full swing, we thought we would share this fun and entertaining preview of The Merv Griffin Show Box DVD Set, featuring a fantastic collection of all the greatest episodes from 1962 through 1986.

The set makes a great (and unique!) holiday gift that will be treasured for years to come. Episodes in the set feature classic performances and engaging interviews with iconic celebrities, political figures, and cultural thought leaders.

Sit back and enjoy this very special preview for the Box DVD set, which offers over seven minutes of commentary, laughter, and touching moments. Visit this page to read more and order your copy.



Merv Griffin’s Classic Interviews with Political Icons

In the spirit of the elections this month, we wanted to share clips from some of Merv’s most engaging interviews with political icons. Below, we’ve included video segments from his interviews with President Ronald Reagan (1983), Senator Robert F. Kennedy (1967), California Governor Jerry Brown (1981), and Richard Nixon (1966 – during the time he was re-building his career after losing his presidential bid to JFK in 1960).

To see more of Merv’s classic interviews, join us on our YouTube channel and be sure to check out the amazing box set of The Merv Griffin Show right here.

Thank you for visiting our blog and being part of this community! These interviews are fascinating pieces of history. We hope you enjoy them. And, don’t forget to VOTE and let your voice be heard.




Merv Griffin Chats With the Iconic Vincent Price (1979)

Happy Halloween to all! Merv had the pleasure of interviewing many Hollywood icons over the years, including the legendary Vincent Price, star of many horror films and thrillers throughout his career.

Spend a few fascinating minutes with Merv and Vincent in this charming 1979 interview, where they chat about everything from art to Broadway.

And, special thanks to Mr. Price for all the years of spooky fun!

Wishing everyone a wonderful fall and holiday season.



Merv Griffin’s Emmy Awards

Merv-Grififn-with-Emmys-MDDuring his career, Merv received 29 Daytime Emmy nominations and won 10, as well as receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995. Some were for his beloved game shows, and others as Outstanding Host for The Merv Griffin Show.

In this video, Merv’s son Tony shares some thoughts about his Dad’s numerous Emmy Awards.

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The Story Behind One of TV’s Most Iconic Tunes

It’s one of the most famous songs in television history, and Merv Griffin wrote it in 90 seconds. You can hum a few notes and everyone knows it in an instant. In this video, Merv’s son Tony Griffin shares the story behind the iconic “think” music for TV’s beloved long-running game show Jeopardy.

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